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Hello dear blog followers. After all these years of not a peep I am back sending out my blog with Word Press instead of Blogger. My brain is a bit worn out after getting this far but I’m learning to navigate this new blog platform and actually amazed that I wrote the word ‘Platform’. I will be posting regularly now as I have started a writing class on line with my favorite writer – Neil Gaiman and I have been told to write, write, write every day, even if the page contains complaints, moans and groans.

I am not sure if Word Press will notify you that a blog has been published. Probably if you are reading this, something happened. But I do hope we can get reacquainted once more.

Book Production

I have saved the 37 blog posts from Blogger and someday I will figure out how to included them here, in the meantime I’ll just continue on from this momentous (I learned to post this blog!) day – I am still in my wonderful house in Asheville, NC, never to leave unless someone gives me a ticket to England – I have stopped teaching at places that require a plane for transportation but I am teaching small workshops in my studio and it is working out beautifully. Plans are to re-start ETSY next week (I think I may have mentioned that plan at least 46 times in those old blog posts. Nothing is as embarrassing as going through old writings and counting how many times I’ve apologized from not writing, not opening the ETSY shop, not writing in a timely fashion, and not writing for two or three years.

My sweet companion Leon died last January. He was the subject of most of my photos for almost 14 years. I can’t imagine ever finding a kitten like him and so for a while this house will probably fill up with rodents and large insects until I find a suitable new kitty.

And now this test post is finished as I need a lovely beer. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “A Late Day in May

  1. Jan C. says:

    Congratulations on your lovely new blog. I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress for my blog, and find WordPress to be very easy to use. (But I’m an old programmer and geek, so I guess my opinion is biased.) If you don’t have any friends who can help you out with WP snags, I’d be happy to be your friend. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chadalicehagen says:

      Hello Jan. Thanks for your comments.The person who registered my domain also told me that WordPress was much easier to use but I overthink everything and have had a few mistakes. But thanks to WP chat today, I’m okay so far. (private domain pointed in right direction, extra blog account with same name deleted, primary account raised to the forefront!!)
      But here’s a question. Since I haven’t wandered too far around the site yet – what do readers who want to follow me have to do? Are there buttons I can’t see ? Thanks. And you can be my friend even when I figure out all the snags!!


  2. Barbara Fox says:

    Your library looks delicious! Absolute eye candy!

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    1. chadalicehagen says:

      Thanks Barbara! How are you doing out there? I am just starting this blog again on WordPress, and chat says that I have to notify my former Blogger followers to “follow” on this site. So my question is how did you find this blog? (picture my brain fried about this time…haha)


  3. Els says:

    Well, I can read it so indeed something happened 😉 delighted to hear from you
    Your bookcase is gorgeous (though it’s only the backs one can see)
    I can imagine you miss such a dear cat-friend !!!
    (I think it’s a wonderful “goodbye” and “hello again” picture 😉 )


  4. Robbie Payne says:

    Glad you’re back…so sorry about Leon….always hurts to lose our friends……

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